Monday, June 21, 2010

Potato Soup Redux

Last night we made potato soup that was almost exactly the same as the other potato soup we made except for a few important -- and controversial -- differences.

The first big difference was that it didn't have carrots and did have celery. That's because we didn't have carrots and did have celery and didn't have the will or dinero to do a grocery run.

The second big difference is a few added ingredients: first, 1/3 a block of frozen spinach, which made it look more delicious and less like cookie dough; second, smoked paprika; third, pinto beans; fourth, chili powder.

I thought it was good. Mary, though, doesn't like beans.

If this was a story a grandfather was narrating to his child (a la Princess Bride), at this point, a small voice would interrupt:

Child: Wait, Grandfather! Mary doesn't like pinto beans?
Grandfather: Yes, my child. It is true.
Child: But how is that possible? EVERYBODY likes pinto beans!
Grandfather: I thought as much, until I met this strange Mary bird.
Child: It can't be true! (wimpers)
Grandfather: (rubs childs head affectionately with a sad look in his eye.)

Now back to the soup:

Mary also thought the chili powder was weird. Granted, it was a little different, but I liked it. The smoked paprika was great. Everything should have smoked paprika.

Basically, potato soup is really hard to mess up and it's probably the cheapest thing you can eat, after Ramen. So I have to recommend it wholeheartedly, pinto beans or not.

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