Tuesday, June 29, 2010

officially, not pasta primavera

Today, Betsy had this great idea for a carrot sauce.

I was a little skeptical. After our tomato sauce turned out red and tomatoy, I expected our carrot sauce to be orange and carroty. I figured it would look something like pumpkin pie filling, but taste like carrots.

Whatever. I still had a couple chicken breasts in the freezer in case I needed them.

First, we boiled some butterfly pasta. It's really important that it's butterfly pasta, but I don't actually know why.

Cut up two carrots and sauteed them, also about 2 green onions, a couple slices of squash, and sauteed with oil, garlic, etc. The usual. This time we added a slice of lemon and one of lime. (Squeeze the juice over the vegetables, then toss the rind in, but don't eat the rind.) A bit later we added a can of tuna.

We put the pasta on our plates and dumped the vegetables on top. Just a reminder: this isn't pasta primavera.

--lemon and lime were good, gave the vegetables a different flavor. I prefer the regular way, but this was good, too, and different.
--tuna was good, but we should have added more. If you eat a bunch of pasta and vegetables, you'll feel like you didn't actually eat anything.
--if your pasta looks depressing, mix in a little olive oil and enough basil flakes to make it look nice. It won't really taste any different, but it won't look so pathetic. This works with every kind of pasta, as far as I know.
--this is not actually pasta primavera.

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