Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Insert clever pun on the word "flight" here

The above goop is future quinoa burger which I made with a friend (non-Mary). It looked pretty unappetizing at this phase, but we decided to take a photo anyway. Brooks is there for perspective.

We made quinoa burgers using this recipe. Why on earth anyone would make quinoa burgers is only answerable when you consider that she's gluten-intolerant and I'm vegetarian, so there are basically three things both of us can eat, one of which is the following.

After being fried, the goop ended up tasting pretty yummy. Funny how that works.

The fork looks gross because I used it to move cottage cheese around. The only thing we changed about the recipe was adding lime juice, cayenne pepper, and cajun seasoning. I think my tastebuds are dying, because I have to add tons of seasoning to everything. What a curse. Also, we dumped lots of cottage cheese on the burgers because:

1) It is delicious, especially if you get the full-fat kind. (Skim cottage cheese is a joke. I mean, come on; it's basically curdled milk; what's the point of protecting your arteries and staying alive if you have to eat garbage like that?)
2) Nobody really wants to eat a lonely naked burger, quinoa or not.
3) We had extra cottage cheese.

Fun Facts about Quinoa: It's a complete protein and you can make tasty burgers out of it. Who knew?

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