Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Cookie Fallout

You know how apparently everyone is supposed to be either a cook or a baker? I'm definitely more of a cook, mostly because I would rather eat soup than cupcakes and I don't like the whole suspense/faith thing you have to have if you're going to stick defenseless little gobs of dough in a blazing inferno for ten minutes.

On the other hand, surviving Finals always makes me want to carb load. So I pretty much did nothing but read Chekov and bake Christmas cookies for the first three days of break.

Some of the results:

I accidentally switched the eye and nose candies for this next little reindeer, so he got ostracized by the others. And since his nose doesn't glow or anything, he didn't get to pull a Rudolph and save Christmas. Sad.

There's an important break here between the Christmas cookies that actually look like they would theoretically taste good and the one batch that looked like...well, nevermind. Let's just say, if I had to describe how they looked, I wouldn't start with "edible."

So I stuck glaze and Christmas sprinkles on the end of them and, ta-da!, they looked a little more like food.

Fun Fact: These were actually by far the tastiest because they had two teaspoons of instant coffee in them. I made another batch of them, but made them round out of aesthetic concerns and put caramel glaze on them (caramel glaze: melt a handful of caramels, pour in about a tablespoon or two of milk, heat it up again, get annoyed that it looks more like sticky glue than glaze, accidentally knock over about half of the powdered sugar into the mixture (maybe a cup), whisk the whole thing until it stops being goop, slop it on cookies).

In the end, my dad, aunt, uncle and I ate three batches of them in about two days. That's roughly 20 cookies per person. Ho ho ho.

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