Friday, May 28, 2010

wide-brimmed casserole

Today, Betsy and I went to Goodwill (parked on the roof!), a flea market, and a garage sale and came back with some sweet sunhats.

We cubed potatoes and boiled them, then sauteed carrots in the usual way, then sauteed pinto beans with salmon. The salmon and pinto beans went on top of the potatoes and the carrots went on the plates, too, and kind of got mixed up with everything else.

We donned our sunhats and brought our plates to the front porch to eat. Everything was good, except the potatoes could have used some more herbs and spices. They were better when they were mixed up with everything else and used to sop up excess oil.

Dinner became supremely awkward when a lady in a silver car pulled up right in front of the porch and stopped.

We went inside.

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